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Employee Engagement is an underappreciated and misunderstood element of many businesses.  Gallup’s Q12 analysis has proven over the last 40 years that high employee engagement increases productivity by an average of 30% while also reducing turnover.

Derek Rey Consulting helps business leaders and HR leaders strengthen their companies’ cultures so that their businesses, teams, and people can…

Achieve More – Achieve Faster – Achieve Happier


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Matt Zacher - President of Canby Rental & EquipmentPresident of Canby Rental & Equipment

“Derek took us through the introduction to Color Code, and he is an exceptional trainer. He is highly approachable, his presentation style is engaging, he is very adaptable to different types of trainee groups, and his knowledge of his subject matter is unparalleled. This snapshot into our organization that he provided has been invaluable, and has really helped us navigate through some tricky interpersonal waters. I can absolutely recommend the Color Code training, but more than that, Derek gets my highest endorsement. Have this man train your staff, it is money and time well spent!”

Jacon TaylorArea Directory, Oregon Young Farmers and Ranchers

“We had requested a Keynote address and Leadership training session from Derek, but after the conference we realized he delivered much more than that. Derek’s contribution to our group was apparent during our conference and we immediately saw value in his message, character, values and training. What we did not realize at the time was the lasting effect Derek would have on our group.”

Angela Anderson, MBAWeb-host Owner & Workshop participant

“Derek is an amazing speaker, mentor, and collaborator. Every time I spend an hour with Derek, I learn something new. He has a way of understanding his audience and bringing them into the material so that they know how to apply it, not only in a professional arena, but also a personal one. ”

Benjamin HolmgrenVP of Sales, Somero Matson Group

“[Derek has] clearly given a few talks in his day, and he has a lot of good war stories to help back up his points. You'll be better for it to connect with him! ”

Jason BayOwner of Blissful Prospecting

“Derek is my go-to resource for building teams and developing leaders. His process is very well thought out and, most importantly, he gets measurable results for the companies he works with.”

Nadia HasanTalent Development and HR Consultant

“Derek possesses an attitude that makes you want to get to know him. Through his passion for people and team-building, Derek can successfully facilitate any session on any number of topics with participants walking out enthusiastic and invigorated about their work. I witnessed his ability to teach interns and even executives at the top level. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for any coaching, leadership development and/or employee engagement initiatives and look forward to hiring him over and over again!”

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Looking for help with your team? Leadership? Culture?

Try these articles, blog posts, and favorite resources…

Q: Struggling with motivating your people to perform?

A: It often has to do with them not understand the “why?” to what you do.  Try this article around creating a motivating vision.

Q: Do you find yourself spinning your wheels, bouncing from priority to priority until it feels like you don’t really have priorities at all?

A: It is probably because your strategies are not well defined, or maybe, they aren’t practical.  Try this article about developing sound strategies. 

Q: Does it feel like there is a lot of infighting within your teams?

A: There may be some bad habits around the way people speak to one another.  Try this article that teaches your supervisors (and everyone else) to avoid 5 toxic phrases.

Q: Do you sometimes wonder if your people are being trained well enough to truly perform at their best?

A: You may not have designed a process around training standards, or if you did, it was without sound structure.  Try this article that covers the important bases when designing a training program.

Q: Do you or your supervisors struggle to get the best performance out of your people, even though you (or they) are setting a great example?

A: Leading by example is  not enough.  Read why here.

Q: Well, why the heck is employee engagement a big deal anyway?

A: It may be hard to measure the impact of employee engagment, but it can be and has been measured and it makes a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

Q: Why does the team-building I do seem to make no difference?

A: Team building activities are very often designed poorly and inadequately.  Read why here.

Q: But shouldn’t my people be accountable for their own performance?

A: Yes, but it’s more complicated than that.  If you’re a leader, you share in that responsibility.

Q: Derek, I’ve looked over your website, and you don’t seem to do any mindfulness training; do you do that?

A: No.  But I like it a lot.  When I need help with this I reach out to Alisa Blum & Associates.

Q: I see that you do leadership coaching.  I’m looking for someone who really understands the obstacles of women in C Suite or working towards the C Suite.  Do you specialize in this?

A: I can certainly help, but my friend Lyn Cikara is a seasoned and talented leadership coach who specializes in helping women reach higher.  Here’s her website.

Q: Derek, I want your leadership coaching and consulting, but I also need some help with the operations of my business.  I need help with the books, HR processes, and I need to make sure I’m up to date on the important things.  Can you help with that too?

A: I’m happy to help you with the leadership, team, and culture challenges you face.  That’s my specialty.  But I’d love to connect you with my colleagues and friends at Canvas Dreams, LLC.