Derek Rey Consulting is all about Employee Engagement and Leadership Development  and has one focus:

To help you lead your workplace so that your people love coming to work and want to do their best for your clients, your business, and for themselves.

DRC works with you, the business or HR leader, to diagnose culture, team, communication, and leadership challenges.  Then we’ll get to work on building and strengthening the people-part of your business through:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Cultural development consulting
  • Customized workshops and training experiences

…all so that you can have a the knowledge and processes to sustain your own leadership development and team development for your business’ and people’s futures.

Reach out today to propel your people to success!

Derek Pangelinan standing in front of evergreen bushes.
Derek Pangelinan, keynote speaker, speaking at a corporate event.


  • Build employee engagement (focused and customized team-building)
  • Develop your new and learning leaders
  • Strengthen the morale of your workplace
  • Focus your whole workplace on the mission at hand

Derek Rey Consulting, LLC is Derek R. Pangelinan, a leadership development and team-building professional who has been facilitating workshops for over 20 years.  He began his coaching career as a private music instructor in high school and immediately fell in love with helping others get better.  Since “going pro” as a coach, speaker, facilitator, and workshop designer he has trained and coached thousands of individuals, hundreds of work teams, and written over 60 hours of customized workshops.  Derek’s passion, enthusiasm, and skills are readily apparent in all of his consultations, speeches and talks, and workshops.  Reach out to Derek to see how he might be able to help you strengthen your workplace.