Speaking Services

Derek R. Pangelinan has been publicly speaking for more than 25 years.  He spent the last 19 years in the retail industry, the majority of that time in leadership and leadership development.  In his leadership development role, Derek spent countess hours speaking in front of others as a facilitator and a speaker on the topics of leadership development, trust, accountability, workplace engagement, customer service, and many other topics.  In this same role, he trained many other leaders to be better speakers.

As a speaker, Derek R. Pangelinan can speak in front of small groups and large, non-profit and for profit organizations, for practical application and motivational purposes, and for nearly any reasonable length of time (although a minimum of 20 minutes is best).

Key-Note Speaking topics:
  • The Leadership Mindset
  • The Unfairness of Leadership
  • Workplace Engagement
  • Culture Change
  • Cultural Values in the Workplace
  • Customer Service
  • The Value of People in the organization
  • “What I Learned from 19 Years in Retail”
  • “The Conductor’s Paradox” (The conductor makes no sound)
Motivational speaking topics:
  • Realizing Potential
  • Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others
  • “What I Learned from 19 Years in Retail”
  • “People Come First” – a lesson in business leadership
  • Every Choice Counts
  • Thank You – Lessons in Gratitude

Leadership Coaching

Derek R. Pangelinan has been coaching and developing leaders 1-on-1 for more than 20 years.

Derek helps his clients hone their human-centered leadership skills: building relationships, empowering team-members, developing  other leaders, earning commitment, strengthening morale, clarifying purpose and mission… all through a tried and tested skill-set and the 6 Perspectives process.

He has refined his coaching style so that your sessions with him are encouraging and emotionally safe.  You will learn impactful processes and interpersonal-communication skills. You’ll leave each session with practical “to-dos” and the motivation to follow through.

Coaching packages are customized to the needs of the client, but Derek recommends starting the first month with four 60-90 minute coaching sessions to start the process.

Derek Pangelinan delivering a keynote speech at a corporate event.Workshops

Derek Rey Consulting can lead your workplace through a variety of workshops that all can make a measurable difference in the healthy functioning of your team.

Some of the workshops available are:

  1. Workplace Engagement
  2. Color Code – Interpersonal Communications
  3. Goal and Strategy-Setting
  4. Team Orientation (a robust team-building process)
  5. Mission and/or Vision Statement Development
  6. The 6 Perspectives of Accountable Leadership
  7. Succeeding in Your Role (great for new hires)
  8. Owning Your Career (great for future leaders and employees driven for growth)


Derek Rey Consulting has a history of designing customized workshops based on the needs of the business.  If you have a need for people-skills oriented training and you don’t see it listed above, reach out to Derek@DerekReyConsulting.com to discuss your needs.

Workshops start at a 1/2-day length and can be designed and delivered in a variety of formats to fit your business needs.

Sample formats:

  1. Half day
  2. Whole day
  3. Multi-session series (2 sessions in a series up to 8, 10, or 12, or even more sessions)
  4. Jump-start workshop with follow-up coaching
  5. Onsite or offsite training
  6. Or more… feel free to get creative in your requests.  DRC’s goal is to design the workshop in the way that works best for your organization.

Leadership Development and Training

Derek Pangelinan, the owner of DRC, has been developing leaders for more than 20 years from his first workshop leading high school musicians to achieve new levels of performance to his most recent work writing and delivering leadership development material in a Fortune 25 company.

DRC focuses its leadership development work on the “front-line” where the work gets done and at the team-leader position in any level of an organization.

Development experiences offered include but are not limited to:

  • Individual coaching
  • One-time workshops
  • Serialized Workshops
  • Continuous workshops for new leaders
  • Development tools that can be used over and over in a variety of work situations that help leaders make better business decisions.